2-rooms 55m2 apartments. Carlsberg Byen

Newly built 1 bedroom unfurnished 12 apartments preferable for a couple or single professional.
Amazing tower in a new neighborhood in the heart of the city. With the best danish restaurants and nice people around.
you can see more info and apply for it here: http://houseroom.dk/vogelius-taarn

- 3-10 min walk to metro, train, bus st.
- 5 min biking to the Copenhagen central station
- 20 min driving car to the Airport

What you get is:
- Unfurnished apartment
- 2 ADULT CPR (might be with the baby)
- Laundry, dryer in the bathroom
- Furnished bathroom and kitchen
- Dishwasher

Price per month:
Rent from 13.500 kr
Utilities - 800 kr excl. el.

Price to move in:
First-month rent from13.500 kr
Utilities - 900 kr excl. el.
Deposit 3 months from 40.500 kr
Agent fee - 6000 kr
Move-in total price (from) 60.900 kr

There are 2 apartments for rent on each floor from nr. 5. to nr. 10. Prices are beginning from 13.500 on the 5. floor and each floor up will add 125 DKK to the price. Wich means the actual rent price for 10. floor will be 13.500 + 125x5 = 14.125 DKK
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