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How do Houseroom search for a housing?
First of all, we have Landlords applying for the tenant search on our webpage. Secondly have groups on Facebook and administrate all new ads about housing in the groups. We are one of the first to contact landlords when they post ads about housing in Copenhagen, that's why they might not be responding to you. Lastly, we have agreements with owner companies in Copenhagen that provide us with access to their assets.
Can Houseroom guarantee me finding a new home
Our managers are always ready to check your application, they will contact you only if they have a deal for you. First, we look at your profile and see if it matches something we already have. will keep you in the customer database and will help you, but we can't promise success to everyone, that is because some of you won't have enough budget or some other issue. Remember you will pay us a Success fee when we find housing you like. So it is in our interest to make it done!
What is the Price for searching service?
Housing finding with will cost you ''Success fee'' = one-time 50% of 1-month rent payment. Fill out the housing form for free and be notified when we have the match for you. You can pay 500 kr for the "Start searching fee" so our agent begins searching specifically for you.
Where is the company's headquarters?
Our company works in Copenhagen. During Corona, we decided that we are good without a physical office and mostly work from home. Especially because we meet our customers at the real estate. There is always an option to meet up in at the Head Office > Teglholmen, Alliancevej 16, 2450 København SV