Looking for a new home in Copenhagen? After you are done with the form below, you get free access to our Housing list. If you need you can apply for the "Waiting list" or "Agent help". Submit your application right here below. We're looking forward to hearing from you! Questions? Read FAQ before filling out the form.
How do houseroom find housing?
First of all, we have Landlords applying for the tenant search on our webpage. Secondly have groups on Facebook and administrate all new ads about housing in the groups. We are one of the first to contact landlords when they post ads about housing in Copenhagen or other big housing search portals, that's why they might not be responding to you. Lastly, we have agreements with owner companies in Copenhagen that provide us with access to their assets.
Can Houseroom guarantee me finding a new home
Our managers are always ready to check your application, they will contact you only if they have a deal for you. First, we look at your profile and see if it matches something we already have. will keep you in the customer database and will help you, but we can't promise success to everyone, that is because some of you won't have enough budget or some other issue.
How many people working in the company?
Our company works according to the principle of separate and share responsibilities to get success in problems of all levels. We are 5 people in total but have cooperating partners to run and assist the company. So we are a core group of around12 people.
Where is the company's headquarters?
Our company works in Copenhagen. During Corona, we decided that we are good without a physical office and mostly work from home. Especially because we meet our customers at the real estate. There is always an option to meet up in at the Head Office > Teglholmen, Alliancevej 16, 2450 København SV
"Success fee" for housing finding is 50% of 1-month rent, you'll pay it only once after you check the housing, confirm agreement with the landlord and sign the contract.
Lets start!
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We need to know what you are searching for?
Moving in date
Max price (incl. heat and water)
Internet and electricity are your own responsibility. You will choose a company you like. We can always advise some as we know the market!
Max deposit
The market requires you to be ready to pay a 3-month deposit, some places we have will also require you to prepay 1 month of the rent as the prices of the houses are pretty high and owners want to ensure them. But we also try to help people who don't have enough money, as there are deals like that too. Waiting time of course is longer if you have less money to enter!
Write here about yourself and about people who will live with you
Describe yourself, family size or your friends that will live with you. When we know more about who you are, we might find a better match for you.
Your social network link
Good when we can show tenant profiles with pictures to our Landlord customers. It will give you bigger chances to be chosen by one of our landlords.
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We prefer calling our customers when we have deals. Often it is needed to take fast action to provide you a good deal.
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How did you find
Let's start
1. Fill out the form below for free.
2. You are now on our tenant waiting list. You might be chosen by one of our Landlords or receive a deal from us that fits your requirements.
3. Check our online "Housing list''.
We update it when we have new partners or special offers.
4. You paid the "Start fee" or the "Processing fee" - we get in touch with you to confirm your data and to agree on the next steps.
Working process
1. You choose a deal from our Housing list or we succeed and find a match for you.
2. We agree on a showing and you come to see the place and accept terms with the landlord.
3. We'll help you to sign the rental contract and guide you through it.
4. Houseroom is paid the "Success fee" that is - 50% of 1-month rent price. It is a one-time payment and the last step.
What is the result
Hurra! You are good now and you have new housing in Copenhagen.