5-room apartment, Teglholmen 2450

All the homes are bright and spacious with a central living room with open kitchen, dining area and living room with large windows and access to the balcony. Several apartments on the ground floor have both a terrace facing the yard and a balcony facing the street / water, while a large part of the other apartments have two balconies. The choice of materials is bright and of good quality, with e.g. solid oak floors from Junckers, Unoform kitchens and Siemens appliances. The owners' association has a unique common room, which is located directly next to the harbor edge to the south. The room will be furnished with a large kitchen and it will be obvious that the property's residents meet here for joint activities such as cooking, Mardi Gras parties and other events. One possibility could also be that a number of home workplaces are established in the room, where the residents of the property can meet and exchange experiences, while the children play in an area designed for this purpose. The final use of the room is decided by the owners' association.

Teglholmen's history is closely linked to the brick factory that was established in the area in 1871, and which for many years supplied e.g. Vesterbro with bricks. Around World War I, the large clay moat was converted into a harbor basin, the current Teglværkshavn, and a sailing race to the main race was added. The first generation of industrial enterprises were shipyards, foundries and a car assembly plant. In the 1970s, the liquidation of the industrial companies began. In the late 1990s, a number of international companies such as Nokia and Philips began to establish offices at Teglværkshavnen.

Pets are allowed

Price per month 19.500 kr
Utilities 1.100 kr
Deposit - 3 months rent 58.500 kr
Prepaid rent 19.500 kr
Our commission  19.500 kr

Total - 98.600 kr

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