2-rooms apartment 70 m2. Sluseholmen 2450

New 2-room unfurnished apartment in an Amazing new neighborhood, with a harbor bath and Amsterdam-ish architecture.

- 1-5 min to the Shops/Cafes/Bakery/Bus/City boat
- 12 min by the bike to the Copenhagen Central station
- 10 min with the car to the Airport

The entire apartment is ready for you to make your own
Room for 3 adults (CPR registration)
Laundry and dryer included in the bathroom
Well-equipped bathroom and kitchen, including a dishwasher
Dedicated bicycle parking spot

Financial Overview:
Monthly rent: 13,500 kr
Utilities (water and heating included): 900 kr
Security Deposit: 40,500 kr (same as 3 month's rent)
Service charge: 13,500 kr
Total Move-in cost: 68,400 kr

If this property doesn't suit your requirements or if it's already occupied, we have many other options in Copenhagen. Please fill in the property search form on our website and we'll help find the perfect match for you. Thanks for your interest.

Best wishes,