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By filling out the search form, you provide information that is covered by the rules of the Personal Data Act. You are aware that the purpose of processing this information is so that can manage your search profile.

You have been informed that if you no longer wish for to have your information, you can delete your profile at any time.

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Processing of personal data in connection with a Search profile at

Introduction As a searcher on, we process a number of electronic information about you. Therefore, we are obliged to inform you about which information about you we collect, register, or otherwise process, what the purpose of this processing is, etc.

Purpose etc. When you register as a searcher, you are asked to provide a number of personal details. This information is necessary for us to register you as a searcher so that others can see your offer.

We do not cooperate with other housing portals or other companies around marketing and therefore do not pass on your information to such portals.

Personal information As part of creating a user profile and creating exchange offers, we process the following information about you:

Name Telephone Address Postal code City Municipality Number of sqm. Rooms Rent Size of consumption of electricity, water, heat Size of consumption, antenna, internet and the like in DKK Housing type Information about outdoor facilities: Balcony, own garden, communal area Washing opportunity Pet allowance: dog, cat Other information, such as resident parking, elevator, disabled friendly

Security etc. We treat your information confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties unless we have a legal basis for doing so, for example, if you give your consent. However, please note that your information will be available to other users who are searching on has implemented both technical and organizational security measures. These are designed to protect your personal information from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, or impairment, as well as to prevent them from being disclosed to unauthorized persons, abused, or otherwise treated in violation of the Personal Data Act.

This implies, among other things, that we have a number of security procedures, as well as we use a firewall, virus protection, anti-spyware programs, and other measures that protect against malicious exploitation of vulnerabilities in used IT programs, etc.

Deletion You can delete your profile at any time. You should write an email with ''STOP MY SEARCH PROFILE'' to from the email you used to create your search profile. Your profile will be automatically deleted after 90 days if you are not active.

Your rights Data responsibility. is responsible for the information that we process in connection with the administration of the waiting list, and thus has responsibility under the Personal Data Act to ensure that your personal information is processed lawfully.

Duty to inform. The Personal Data Act gives you various rights when we process personal data about you electronically. And the law imposes certain obligations on us – like telling you that we have collected or will collect personal data about you.

Insight, correction, etc. You also have the right to know what information about you we have collected in connection with our administration of your user profile, and you have the right to see the information. You have the right to ask us to correct or delete information if you believe that they are, for example, incorrect or gives a wrong impression. And we are obliged to consider your request.

To the extent that you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data, you always have the option to revoke this. However, we can still process personal data that is not based on your consent.

Additional Information You can read more about the Personal Data Act and your rights on the Data Inspectorate's website The Data Inspectorate is the authority that can ultimately assess whether your personal data is being processed lawfully - for example, as part of a complaint case.