Housing Search Guide to avoid scams in Copenhagen
Follow our guide to avoid scams
Navigating the rental landscape can seem overwhelming, but with HouseRoom, your dedicated rental agency, you're not alone. We know that ensuring a secure rental experience involves careful verification of the landlord's legitimacy, particularly if they're an individual, lack a professional online presence, or seem questionable.
Here's our expert guide to a safe rental journey, designed to protect you from potential scams:
1. Never transfer rental payments to an offshore bank account.
2. Never send money to a person you haven't met in person.
3. Never make any payment without a mutually signed lease agreement in place.
4. Ensure the landlord possesses legal rights to rent the property before making any payment.
5. Never pay for a property that you haven't inspected yourself.
We also guide you through the rental process:
1. Identify apartments that cater to your preferences.
2. Connect with the landlord and schedule a property inspection.
3. Once you agree to the landlord's terms, a lease contract should be presented.
4. Review the lease contract carefully, with legal advice if necessary. Pay particular attention to the property's condition at handover.
5. Verify the landlord's ownership of the property. In Denmark, you can do this through the Danish Central Business Register (CVR), where you can find owner information by entering the property's address.
Remember, we at HouseRoom are committed to ensuring your rental experience is stress-free and secure. Whether it's checking if a landlord-tenant has subletting permission or verifying if an owner-landlord has no subletting restrictions as per their housing association rules, we've got you covered.

After both parties sign the lease agreement, you'll generally have a few days to transfer the deposit – always avoid transferring to a foreign bank account. Be sure to establish a clear understanding of the handover process, including move-in dates and key collection.

With HouseRoom's comprehensive services, we strive to take the hassle out of house hunting. Our top priority is verifying the authenticity of listings and the credibility of landlords, thereby safeguarding you against potential scams. Entrust us with your home search – we're experienced, reliable, and committed to your needs. Your secure, hassle-free rental experience begins here at Houseroom.

Trust HouseRoom – we're your reliable partner in navigating the complex rental market.