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CPR number
Good To Know
Essential Information for Relocating to Denmark

Denmark offers universal healthcare to all residents. Once you have your CPR number, you are eligible for free healthcare services.
Healthcare System
Enroll in Danish language courses for free within your first five years in Denmark. A DKK 2,000 deposit is collected, fully refundable upon completing your exam.
Danish Language
The CPR number in Denmark is vital for accessing many services including banking and healthcare. Ensure to apply for it as soon as you arrive.
Public Transportation
Be prepared for a high cost of living in Denmark, especially in cities like Copenhagen. Budget accordingly for expenses such as rent, food, and transportation.
Cost of Living
Denmark's temperate climate brings both cold winters and mild summers, along with frequent rainfall. Pack a diverse range of clothing to adapt to these varying conditions.
Denmark's robust public transportation system is both efficient and far-reaching. Opt for a Rejsekort for convenient and cost-effective travel across all public transport types.
The housing market in Denmark can be competitive, especially in major cities. Start your housing search early and consider all options, including subletting or renting a room.
Danes value punctuality, equality, and direct communication. Respect for individuals' rights and private life is paramount in Danish culture.
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