We can find room, apartment or house for you
- Avoid scammers with fake listings
- You will be shown to Landlords and they will choose you them self
- If you pay ''Start fee'' we will search esspecialy for you
- Fill out form for free and be nottified when we have the match for you
- ''Success fee'' required
How we work
Let's start
Fill out form "Find tenant"
Working process
1. You are now in our data base of tenants
2. If you have payed "Start fee" we begin to search esspecialy for you
3. When we have a match, you will be contacted by our agent and you will be set a showing time
What is the result
When you sign the rental contract you have to pay "Sucsess fee" 50% of 1 month rent
Start searching fee
Very important to have understanding of the market, some people are not ready to pay 3 month deposit and yes some times there is housing with just 1 month of the deposit. But it could take longer time to find it.
Online/Life meeting
1h consultation about rental housing in Copenhagen
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