We do the complicated process of renting simple
Save time and money
What does Houseroom do?
  • Quick tenant search
    Houseroom have list of tenants who are waiting for housing. And Houseroom promoting your ad in major markets
  • Best tenant choice
    Don't waste time with those who are not right for you. We will manage all calls, and choose the tenants you are ready to communicate with.
  • Secure contract conclusion
    The contract was drawn up by Houseroom lawyers, you can also use the standard one and Houseroom will help with filling it out.
  • Property management
    With an additional agreement, Houseroom can take over the management and maintenance of your property, as well as the communication with the tenants.
Your property is our responsibility
We know finding a new tenant is stressful. Our goal is to rid you of this and make the process enjoyable.
It is important for us to have the most complete database of ads from the owners, so the goal of our project is to receive new ads and have long term relations with our customers.
Tenant search
- You can choose if you want but Houseroom will have only the best.
- Houseroom receives 10 housing inquiries every day
- Promoting your Ads on main market places
- A questionnaire about each calling tenant
Tenant choise
- Houseroom will take the calls for you.
- 70% of calls to owners are useless. These can be promotional or random calls.
- Our service, is to find a tenant that matches your desires.
Paper work
Houseroom has own contract wich will protect you from
- untimely moving out of the tenant
- damage caused by the tenant
Or Houseroom can help you to get a standard housing contract if you want to use one instead of ours.
Management services
If you choose Houseroom as you property manager, we will be in touch 24/7 to resolve any issues the tenants may have. Houseroom can help choose insurance. Houseroom will also provide cleaning and reparation services.
Best price on the market
We know the market very well and will help you set the best price you can get for your property. There are 2 waves of tenant relocation per year. In low season the rental price is 10% lower to find the best tenant.
Order a call from us
Max 14-days to find a tenant — No credit card needed